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【SciPhi Interview】Excessive hype? Structural bioinformatics expert: The Stanford team's AI prediction of RNA structure has only achieved a small step, and many sub-problems still need to be solved to reach the milestone
Posted onAug 31,2021

Recently, an article on the cover of Science has attracted the attention of many media. This article entitled Geometric deep learning of RNA structure stated that the research team from Stanford University can use AI algorithms to accurately predict the three-dimensional structure of RNA. Descriptions such as "comparable to AlphaFold", "unprecedented accuracy", "structural prediction milestone", and "tsunami-level existence in the biological world" appeared in many interpretation articles. The RNA structure prediction itself is indeed difficult. What is the ultimate significance of this research? How big is the impact on the academic world?

In this regard, SciPhi contacted Dr. Yaoqi Zhou , a senior investigator at the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory System and Physical Biology Institute. For details, please click: News link