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BRiQ-RNA: Yaoqi Zhou's research group successfully achieved high-precision optimization and refinement of the near-natural structure of RNA
Posted onMay 17,2021

The experimental analysis of protein and RNA structure is far from satisfying the demand, and computational prediction becomes a must. Protein structure prediction is difficult, RNA structure prediction is even more difficult, and high-precision correction of the predicted structure model is even more difficult. Dr. Peng Xiong from the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory is the first author. Dr. Jian Zhan from Griffith University and Dr. Yaoqi Zhou from the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory are the corresponding authors. The initial RNA structure model of the state structure has been effectively improved, which has taken a step towards the ultimate goal of achieving high-precision RNA structure prediction. Achieving high-precision RNA structure prediction will have a profound impact on the discovery and interpretation of non-coding RNA functions, and the design and development of RNA drugs. This result was published in Nature Communications 12, Article number: 2777 (2021).For details, please click: News link